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Why Not Enjoying Your Food Can Make You Fat!

Do you understand the difference between enjoying food and abusing food? Well, pop quiz: Do you think it’s the countries that rate their enjoyment of food as higher or lower that have the most people with weight issues? Because there have been a number of really interesting studies that have come out recently which compare […]

The Simple Trick to Controlling Your Cravings

You know that horrible feeling you get when that little devil gets up on your shoulder, takes over your brain, and will not stop talking until you’ve devoured that bag of chips or chocolaty treats? Well, have you ever wondered why your cravings for fat and sweet are so intense? Think you’re the only one […]

The 3 Surprising Steps to Take When Weight Loss Stops

So, you’ve been dieting and exercising successfully, you’re doing all the right things, building the right habits and behaviours, but you’ve noticed things beginning to slow down… And you know you’re coming to that most dreaded place—the weight loss plateau… It happens to all of us, right? So what do you do? Most people in […]